Styled wedding shoot.. could it be more perfect?

Back in July, I began this project of creating a website. I had one for the salon at one point, but something technical happened and it disappeared. I wanted to keep up with the times and do my team justice. We have been working hard to hone our skills, develop our craft and this is 21st century, were was the website?

That led me, of course, down a rabbit hole of extreme proportions.


because it led us to Abbey Elaine Photography.

She took our team photos, and they were amazing. the whole process was rad. she read my mind, I couldn't be more grateful.

That led us to talking more about wedding because as a stylist, I freaking love weddings. I like really love them.. so much that I could dare say that Ash, my spirt sister AKA.. team mate.. even challenged herself and also has that wedding style fever.

long story short, we did a styled wedding shoot yesterday.

Abbey shot the photos, Vanessa Rische did the style and we did the makeup, hair and airbrush tanning.

and we had a BEAUTIFUL bride and groom. it was fabulous.

I'm not going to lie, I was nervous, however Emily airbrushed her like a boss, tell me her skin was glowing. and the hair was such a fun experience.

Ashley G, gave her a glaze and trim up on Saturday. Emily airbrushed her after her hair appointment. In my experience, the up style is only half the picture, I would encourage brides to look at the whole picture. When was the last time you had a trim up? freshened up your color? all of those objectives factors in for your bridal look.

well I've talked enough. Here is to a new website, new blog to share our thoughts and to many many more happy (bridal) experiences.

#weddinghair #bohobraid

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