• Ashley Newton- Salon Owner

holiday's made simple

How many love holiday shopping? I mean with the boys and work and baking, I'm like shopping what? As some of you have noticed when we added makeup to our mix this year, it comes with amazing little trinkets that one doesn't need to travel for. I wanted to share some options with you for easy holiday gift giving and I am simply in love with some of these options we have at Lavender & Hops.

I'm sure you have heard me talk about my goals of becoming a little retail boutique for our downtown and it will be a slow process. I have learned that nothing happens overnight.

I want to showcase this cute pack of lip gloss we have available. I love this because it is a perfect stocking stuffer since it is already wrapped and you get three shades in here and they are all super lovely on every skin tone.

I want to point out that this lip gloss has a unique contoured applicator, which allows a person to apply gloss in the most random places without a mirror with total confidence. This pack retails for 35.00, however now till 12/31 they will be 20% off!

I also love this because the gloss is free of petroleum, and isn't tacky and hydrates the lips.

You can learn more about jane iredale by clicking on the photo. It is amazing that we have such a quality line of make up in the salon. The dream luminizer trio is also avaliabe and you can see them both in action on the video below.

This pure and simple kit is what got me hooked on the product to begin with. I received a kit when inquiring about the product. I used it one day and was hooked. My skin was smooth. My blemishes were covered and I was amazing that all that was done with a powder, blush and 2 eye colors. Love this and so will anyone on your list! This mighty set is also at 42.00 and will last well into spring time.

As some of you may have saw I went to a Deva cutting class on Monday December 11th and it blew my mind. Curly hair need more that my fine not curly hair. It needs moisture, and these kits will provide you with a whole new outlook on your curls and how to help you love them. I could even go one step further and suggest a haircut and style with this set to showcase what your curls can do. These include the Cleanser, Condition and Build- up Buster, which will revitalize your curls more than you ever thought possible. Follow the build up buster with a treatment mask and you will be jumping for joy at your long desired ringlets. These kits are 48.00

Last but defiantly not least is the most amazing put together product. A dryer, the deva fuser, deva towel and clips all for 159.00. I can not believe how great of a deal this is. I think I paid 200 for the dryer alone this summer, and to add the towel and clips into the mix. amazing. Any curly girl will love this under the tree!

I thank you all for allowing me to share with you my contribution to helping your shopping be a tiny bit less stressful. I am hear for you, as is the whole style team at L&H. shop local, shop small and go with confidence that each purchase is catered to you and the special people on your list this holiday season.

Much love, Ashley.

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