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welcome to jane iredalle

Who wears makeup? Who has ever actually been taught to wear makeup? I haven't, well.. on others but for myself, nah.. I don't think my mom ever actually gave me permission to wear makeup actually now that I think about it.

In my career I have been trained to do airbrush makeup, that was intimidating. I believe when I was about 26, I purchased a thing called eye shadow primer. It was to prevent the crease in my eyeshadow. I went to the beautiful makeup utipoia and picked up some well recommended primer, had a heart attack on the size of the tube with the price. Shame on me, this woman was recommending a solution to my issue and buy the damn thing Ashley, see what it does.

So I took the product home and lone and behold the next day my shadow wasn't melting off my oily face and my eyes were not creased. That tube of primer lasted me a whole freaking year and half, and it began my quest for up-ing my face game ever since.

I stand behind the chair each day a week and we talk about hair and volume and healthy tresses, but I don't ever broach the subject of makeup and and what not. Over the past 7 years I have little by little learning more about the art of make up and what I can do for ones image and what it can't. I am the first person to want a lesson but walk into a make up store and get OVERWHELMED.

Bronzer. what is that?

contouring.. huh?

Brow game, like did I wax them? oh you mean draw them in.. that is a thing? ( yes, it is.. and you'll love it)

Now, I sound like the perfect person to trust with your fashion image don't I? I knew that if I was going to give anyone beauty advice, I would want to lead by example.

So, I started asking question to other ladies about their make up game, and you know what, I was not alone.

There are many other woman in our area looking for a good, clean makeup.

We were introduced to jane iredale, the past summer and I was wooed instantly, before I I even tried on anything they had to offer. I was in love with their mission and how they created this product.

Then I tried the pressed powered, because one day I was (surprise!) running late and I was impressed, and my skin felt good.. like it could take a breath of air. This made me happy, and wanted to learn more. Em and I sat in on a class at the salon and we were even more in love at that point. Ash tried out the goods and she was also equally impressed.

So, as most of you know. I have twin toddler boys, and a beautiful book of work I love to do each day. In my free time I enjoy cooking and gardening and living simple "natural" life. So in all honesty when I not behind my chair my face might be bare, and I feel amazing that way. However, when I am working and teaching, I want to look a little more polished. I also expect my cosmetics to be clean, and not full of crap that will dull my skin, because I might find a baby wipe and or now, my magic mitt.. and hopefully clean my face at night. key word here.. might. ( I am ok with being real, because I bet I am not alone)

So here I am with zero make up on....

I think I was able to blow dry my hair this day, and that is a good win in my book.

As I have gotten older I have noticed that my skin is becoming more red.. dry.. yet it is pretty shiny buy the end of the day.

I have added a moisturizer to my routine and love that, but a good facial is never a bad thing, I highly recommend getting one.

4.17 minutes later I felt more put together and once I found my gloss, so that made my routine a solid 7.35 minuets.

I can live with that.

I did curl the hair after this point.. because the point was to see how long putting on my face actually took.

even if my children are hanging on my legs.. at the same time, which usually happens.. I can do 4 minuets and 17 seconds. that is amazing for me to actually feel better about my self during the day and put my most polished self forward.

I began with a primer then the pressed powder,

blush, 2 eye colors and then some concealer under the eyes, mascara and eye liner and a hydration mist.

It took a while to build my cosmetic wardrobe here but I am super thankful that this is now my every(work)day routine.

I am by no means going for a full on, brow game strong face here. that isn't my objective.

It is a simple quick every day face.

Em, Ash and Chlo have really taken to this line, and at any point anyone else wants to know how to up their face game, we got you.

We are offering full special occasions make up now as well with lashes and contouring. I would encourage one to come in and get something done for your everyday look. We woman take on the world as soon as our toes hit the ground or the coffee hits the tounge. Don't let your days become dull and not special. Doing little things for ones self is never not a good thing. If it builds your confidence, helps you walk a little taller, and gets you excited about doing your life, then by golly, that is a feeling that won't go unnoticed by your family, peers and children.

life can be routine, it is good to shake things up a bit.

What a better way to do that then fresh make up for where your life is right now.

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