• Ashley Newton- Salon Owner

we have been creating!!

Earlier this year I had reached a point with our space at the lounge were it was time for us to grow..

This year I've been working on marketing and developing our salon, it has been a complete blast.

When I began Lavender & Hops I knew that I wanted to bring ideas from my travels to #theville. I remember driving down Main Street one early evening ,back in 2014, and thinking, holy cow, I am the next generation of this town.

Now who am I but the person that (hopefully) styles your hairs. However, thankfully, I've met, established, and grown relationships with my peers.. we also look at each other like.. what the heck.. we are the next generation of this town.

In my opinion, I couldn't be more proud of that.

Crawfordsville is my home. It is where I am choosing to raise my boys, grow my business and build a life with beautiful memories. I first began my career at Nogginz Haircare Company in 2003, it was a good place to work and Jeanne is such a strong and endearing person, I am thankful that she has been in my life since I was 19 years old. However, I knew when I began Lavender & Hops, I wanted to brand myself differently than Nogginz, not because I didn't want to be with Nogginz, but because I was my own entity, and I have big dreams.

I guess you could say, it was time to spread our wings and fly.

As a business owner, I felt as if we were out growing of our space. The airbrush tanning is growing and our primitive back room wasn't working for me. I also wanted more people to know where we were. We have added a make up line. AG celebrated her first anniversary at the lounge.. we are consistently growing and I am extremely humbled and grateful.

But, I love downtown.. I also day dream many days on how I would make that beautiful building on the one hundred and twenty-fifth block of Main Street sustain for another forty-five years.

I love our location and to move anywhere else didn't feel right. So, Jeanne and I had some good talks and came up with a plan.

Lavender & Hops Style Lounge will live at 125 East Main Street and we REDECORATED! Pictures to come.. Jeannie is on vacation and let's show her first... I mean, she knows we are sprucing up the place, but let's all be surprised at once. deal, good talk.

I also know that people have hard time finding us, is it Nogginz? My reminder text says Lavender & Hops.. '

I get it, it's confusing. So, from now on.. its Both.. and I have a sign coming.. I promise.. October goals. Shoot, now I've typed it out. I got this, I do love a deadline.

When you step into our space, we are a team that wants to take care of your beauty needs.

Jeanne, Jodi, Nichole, Em, AG, Chloe and I are here for you.

We are your style team. I am excited to showcase our freshened up space, the direction we are going in and the journey we have in store together. The gals at L&H we want to be the modern approach to hair that you're looking for in our area. We will take care of your hair, face and skin. Jeanne in fantastic with fresh short styles and Jodi is great for your nails and she is amazing with facials, while Nichole will keep your nails in perfect shape.

Time is the most valuable of gifts, when you walk in the door, let us take care of you.

until our next meeting, all my love,


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100 W Main St 
Darlington, IN 47940 
Tuesday  1- 7 
Thursday 8:30-7 
Friday 10- 4
Saturday 10-2 or by appointment