Meet Our Team 

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham was born and raised in the great state of Texas. She moved to Crawfordsville, Indiana in summer of 2016 where she and her husband strolled into Lavender & Hops on a sunny summer day. She is in her 14th year as a hair dresser and enjoys baylayage highlights, grey coverage and beautiful bouncy blowouts. 

Emily Toomey 

Emily Toomey joined our team in the spring of 2017. Emily was raised in the Crawfordsville area. She has numerous traveling experience and has chosen to raise her family in beautiful Montgomery County. Emily is passionate about skin care and as our lead Airbrush Artist she enjoys contouring your tan to showcase your features. 

Ashley Newton 

Ashley Newton began Lavender & Hops Style Lounge in fall of 2014. She was raised in Montgomery County and after moving away to the southern states for a few years. It was time to bring all the knowledge she collected back to her hometown. Ashley enjoys making your blondes blonder and keeping the hair healthy as well as cutting curls for beautiful bounce. 

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