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Ashley Jo Gillan

deluxe color, hair extensions, curly cuts, special occasion hair

Hello there! Can I say how grateful I am that you are here?!  So, it is nice to meet you and I bet you are wondering what makes me so darn different than any other hair dresser out there?  

I jumped into this profession in 2002, I thought it would be a great  profession for a farmers wife. Little did I take into account that there were very little farmers out there. However, I couldn't of chosen a better career for myself and my family.  I enjoy that I get to have a creative real experience every day and blow dry styles are my favorite. 

I thrive on the encouragement I get to shower my clients with, as well as, helping them feel more empowered in their skin. I love creating a color melt that looks like nature did it and I take a LOT of classes to keep up these skills. 

When I am not working on my craft, you will find me chasing my twin boys around, cooking dinners for my husband and beautiful step-daughter.  I dream about being a runner while ordering fast food. I garden, cook and rarely do my dishes. 

I offer you online booking so you can browse Pinterest and then set up your appointment in the wee hours of whatever works for you. First time guests who book a service online and gets a treatment on me. I cannot wait to spend time with you! 





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Custom color, wedding/special occasion hair styles, curly girl hair cuts 

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