Why Hand Tied


 Hair Extensions? 

Natural Beaded Row Hair  Extensions are the most  lightweight, comfortable, versatile and safest hair extensions on the market. 

Your appointment includes custom color, hair and style. 

You can finally have that long lovely hair of your dreams. 


We gotta color you hair and the extension  hair and make sure it allll melts together

That is where the magic happens 


The extension hair. 

priced per weft, chosen to blend with your desired look, colored to blend flawlessly. 

75.00 per weft

Do you want longer and fuller hair? 

you'll need 7-9 wefts. 

Thicker hair ? 3-6 wefts. 

We will do a tightening every month and a half - two months. 

how long does the hair last? 

Do I have to color ever time? 

how long will I be in the salon? 

Other Notes- 





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Friday 10- 4
Saturday 10-2 or by appointment